Site Design

This site uses a three frame system - Banner, Contents and Main Display.

The Banner is loaded once and stays the same allowing the viewer to search (not yet though !) , e-mail, view link pages and enter comments, etc into my visitor's book. The Contents frame is a series of menus that allows access to the main pages of the site and the Main Display frame shows pages selected from the Banner and Contents frames, easy isn't it !


My mother and I have amassed a large quantity of local newspaper articles and I have collected a nearly a hundred old postcards from the late Victorian age to the 1960's. These collections form the major input to this web site. Tuxford has a Heritage Society with a number of active members interested in the history of the village. Hopefully this site will expand to include more information of Tuxford's past, present and future.

I have already been contacted by someone from the USA who is tracing his family tree. He told me that one of his relatives owned the Newcastle Arms Hotel in the 1790's and that he has some letters written to his family from Tuxford when they emigrated to start a new life in America.

If you have any information that you would like to share with anyone interested in Tuxford, then please let me know and I will incorporate it.