If you know Tuxford then perhaps you have a memory of the past to share.
I'll start the ball rolling with two from my old childhood.  Send me yours via Emailb8.gif (12281 bytes) ... or drop me a line.
I live at Drayfield Cottage, Bastonford, Powick, Worcester, WR2 4SL, U.K.

Sunday Afternoon Adventures

In the early 1960's when I was about 10 years old I used to look forward to Sunday afternoons. My parents always had a nap after the traditional Sunday lunch and I used to go out for adventures while they slept. We lived on Eldon Street and our back garden bordered on what was then Sanderson's Tractors now Platt and Harris. I used to go out of our garden into the orchard next to the tractors. I remember there was a huge pile of old tractor tyres to climb around on and three large hazel trees that were always laden with nuts in the autumn. Next to the orchard were fields where traffic now thunders by on the A1M. I remember going to a large pond in one of these fields where great crested and smooth nexts were caught and taken home triumphantly. Away from the pond up towards Markham Road the land sloped upwards with many bramble patches. One of the trees at the top of the slope had a long rope dangling from it. We used to jump onto the rope and swing around, sometimes we didn't fall off !

Lorries on the Great North Road

When I lived on Eldon Street, i.e., the Great North Road I can remember being woken up by lorries changing gear as the crawled up the road towards the center of Tuxford. I had an old sash window which rattled like mad!