1086 Domesday Book - Tuxfarne
1171 Assessed to pay 3/- contribution to mother church at Southwell
1179 First known rector of Tuxford - William. also evidence of a Chapel of ease
1218 Charter for a weekly market and annual fair given to John de Lexington - July 8th
1227 Archbishop of York gives Rector of Tuxford permission for a private chapel in his house
1330 Known as Tuxford in the Clay
1357 Church given to Newstead Abbey
1495 Chancel built by the Prior of Newstead Abbey, Thomas de Gunthorpe
1503 Margaret Tudor stayed at the Crown Inn (site of Newcastle Arms) on July 11th
1560 Part of Manor of Tuxford purchased by Thomas White
1580 Thomas White died on 26th October
1587 Crown Inn destroyed in storm
1619 John White knighted by James I on June 6th
1624 Earliest surviving parish register
1640 William Uredale, Treasurer at War -  "about Tuxford is the most absolutely ill road in the world"
1645 Charles I took refreshment at the White Hart
1653 Dorothea White, wife of Sir John buried in alabaster tomb in family chapel on May 29th
1662 Current Church font erected
1669 Charles Read died leaving endowment for the Grammar Schol
1673 Current Church font lid made by Francis Turner
1700 Wesleyan Chapel built in Newcastle Street around this date
1701 The Great Fire of Tuxford on September 8th, at least 120 houses destroyed, cost ~3,000
1718 Church walls, roof, windows and pavements repaired
1722 Church and chancel windows repaired
1745 Rebel Stone - Inscription "Here lieth the body of a rebel 1745"
1750 An earthquake shock was felt in August but no damage occurred
1798 The oldest of the current peal of 6 bells was made by Thomas Osborn of Downham in Norfolk
1799 Tuxford Awards drawn up and land was enclosed. Lincoiln Road called Sludge Gate on enclosure map
1800 Holywell Baths built at a spring near the station on Lincoln Rd, "cure" for rheumatism and scurvy
1810 Tuxford Hall rebuilt - White family home
1811 Church repaired and re-pewed at a cost of 1,400
1820 Holywell Baths demolished
1823 Lock Up at park Row in Newcastle Street built
1828 Red Lion renamed Newcastle Arms Hotel
1830 Girls National and Infants School built on Newark Road with dwellings for teachers for 230
1834 Church Plate renewed after originals stolen
1849 Doncaster -Retford - Lincol railway line opened on 4th September
1850 London - Peterborough railway opened in August
1852 Retford - Peterborough via Tuxford link opened on July 15th
1852 Duke of Newcastle built the Butter Market
1852 Tuxford Gas Company established
1853 Tuxford Gas Company opened on July 8th
1858 Lady White and Poor's Charity formed
1861 New Church organ purchased for 400
1865 New Church clock installed at a cost of 65
1868 Peal of five bellls rehung
1870 New bath house erected behind Station Terrace with hot shower, plunge and swimming pools
1872 Heating inslalled in Church
1877 Dutch auction held to determine contracts for proposed primary school
1878 Tuxford Board school opened on September, the National School closed
1879 Church struck by lightening on May 14th, spire crashed down causinh much damage
1885 Bath House converted to an aerated mineral water manufactory around this date
1886 Prince of Wales stopped at Tuxford on his way to stay at Rufford Abbey
1890 Church repairs costing 507
1896 East Coast Railway opened with two stations - Tuxford Central and Dukeries Junction
1897 Duchess of Newcastle visited Tuxfordto unveil the new Market Place lamp
1897 Quarter chimes added to Church clock
1899 Tuxford Cattle Market Company formed to manage proceedinga at the annual May fair
1903 Tuxford Board School became Tuxford Council School when school boards system abolished
1903 Churchyard enlarged, Duke of Newcastle gave quarter acre of land
1906 East Coast Railway transferred to Great Central Railway
1916 Read Grammar School closed
1924 Child Welfare clinic started at Read Grammar School
1929 Market hall closed - Butter Market fetched 350, Cattle Market 750
1934 Bishop of Siouthwell blessed the new Vicarage on April 18th
1935 D-Arcy Exploration Company started oil exploration in area
1935 Butter Market demolished
1939 Tuxford Gas Works closed down due to arrival of electricity lines
1950 Reed Grammar School used as an extra classroom for primary school children
1955 Last train to stop at Tuxford North station ran on July 6th
1955 Last train to stop at Tuxford from Lincoln ran on September 11th
1958 Tuxford Council School renamed Tuxford Primary School
1958 Tuxford Secondary School opened
1959 County library branch opened in Read Grammar School
1964 Goods depot closed on July 16th
1968 Charter Week celebrations 1218-1968
1970 Church restorations completed at a cost of 5100
1970 Lock Up given back to Parish Council after use a store by County Highways
1971 Tuxford Plant closed down
1977 Church organ repaired at a cost of 1404
1977 Queen's Jubilee Year celebrations
1978 Tuxford School Centenary 1878-1978
1979 800 year anniversary of christianity at Tuxford
1979 This Web Site Completed, possibly !