Bevercoates Lane Flora  -  1992

This list of flowers was recorded in 1992 by Doris Sanderson. Doris has lived in Tuxford for most of her life. As a child she used to play in the lane and can remember the verges being covered in flowers. As farm chemicals started to be used extensively the numbers and varieties of flowers decreased substantially. In recent years the flowers had been coming back to the lane, this is Doris's list from 1992.

The flora now has another enemy - grass cutting either by the local council or farmers at the wrong time of the year for the flowers.

Agrimony Dock Stinking Mayweed Rosebay
Archangel Elder Meadowsweet Rosebay Willowherb
Bell Flower Fat Hen Mugwort Crowsfoot Rush
White Bindweed Feverfew Nettle Salad Burnet
Bluebell Field Scabious Pink Dead Nettle Sandwort
Bramble Figwort White Dead Nettle Devil's Bit Scabious
Briony Flax (escape) Nipplewort Shepherd's Purse
Bugle Fumitory Northern Dragonhead Silverweed
Lesser Buttercup Good King Henry Cow Parsley Snowberry
Buttercup Ground Ivy Pink Persecaria Sorrel
Celandine Groundsel White Persecaria Bird's Eye Speedwell
Charlock Large Flowered Groundsel Scarlet Pimpernel Germander Speedwell
Chickweed Hawkweed Poppy Spring Cinquefoil
Pink Clover Hemlock Primrose St. John's Wort
White Clover Herb Robert Privet Star of Bethlehem
Comfrey Hogweed Ragged Robin Greater Stitchwort
Centuary Honeysuckle Ragwort Lesser Stitchwort
Common Mallow Hop Rape (escape) Giant Scotch Thistle
Convolvulus Jack by the Hedge Rat's Tail Plantain Purple Thistle
Greater Cranesbill Ketlock Red Campion Sow Thistle
Lesser Cranesbill Knapweed Rest Harrow White Thistle
Creeping Jenny Creeping Knotgrass Ribwort Toadflax
Cuckoo Flower Ladies Bedstraw Yellow Rocket Bird's Foot Trefoil
Oxe Eye Daisy WhiteMay Blossom Dog Rose Hop Trefoil
Dandelion Pink May Blossom Wild Rose Purple Vetch
Yellow Vetch Violet Dog   Violet White Campion
Wild Pansy Broad Leaved Willowherb Wild Mint Wood Avens
Woundwort Yarrow Yellow Rattle